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This event will bring together researchers interested in Astrobiology from across the Australiasian and Asian regions, to develop and exchange ideas on how life in the universe could originate and persist.

[26th March 2020] Latest news

The AAM2020 organising committee has decided to postpone the in-person conference in Tokyo this year. Although we feel sad about this, we feel it is the right thing to do given the pandemic’s impact on people’s lives and of course the associated travel restrictions. We are presently exploring options for a virtual conference, and will keep abstract submissions open until further notice. Please stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, and very best wishes.


hotsprings as a setting for the origin of life

from protocells to Luca: The progenote and the building blocks of pre-biotic chemistry

messy chemistry and the origins of life

conference Themes

exploration for life: mars and beyond

Preservation - what environment provides the best chance of success to search for signs of ancient life on earth

Modern analogues for primitive life on early earth

Complexity leading to intelligent societies


space technology and the search for life

Students and postdocs, check out AbGradCon

14-18 Sep 2020, also in Tokyo!

Co-hosted by the Australian Centre for Astrobiology and the Earth-Life Science Institute

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